• This performance will be a magnificent evening with the Satellite Ballet and we hope you join us!

    Satellite Ballet, under the direction of choreographer Troy Schumacher and producer Kevin Draper, designs collaborations between digitalsatellite2artists, dancers, musicians, photographers, and writers. The Dogwood Center premiered their debut production “Empire” in 2010 and they performed “Progress” , “Epistasis” and “Cosmonaut” in 2011.

    Satellite Ballet will perform two new works this year, exploring their unique form of ballet, multimedia and cutting edge musical composition.  The new works will be a ballet and a song cycle that further explores the stories and characters introduced in the ballet.  This new story is set in New York, and tells the tale of a woman who meets a thief who has collected her past - and offers it to her in exchange for her future.

    These new works will take the Satellite Ballet exploration further into an intense, integrated experience.  The music is now accompanied by a soundscape, using both live musicians and computer sampling during the performance.  Lighting design advances to include lighting the actual space as well as the performance, to transform the theater architecturally.  Projections create a realistic, but also fantastical, setting from live shots of the city of New York.  As always, the dance performers are from the New York City Ballet, young dancers at the top of their careers and the finest in the world.  The Satellite music ensemble are a unique blend of classical music, and an indie music sense of melody and drama.

    satellite11The program will also include an expanded version of the well received ballet “Epistasis” which was previewed last year at the Dogwood Center and then performed at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York City in October of last year.

    New York City Ballet dancers involved in the production include:  David Prottas, Sam Greenberg, Lauren King, Ashley Laracey, Emilie Gerrity, Taylor Stanley, and Lydia Wellington.  Musicians include Nick Jaina, Nathan Langston, David Moss, and Amanda Lawrence.

    This program is supported through funding from Fremont Area Community Foundation, Nestle Nutrition/Gerber Products and SAP.

    7:30 p.m. Main Stage. Click here to purchase tickets! Adults $15.00, children 18 and under $5.00. Tickets are also available at the Dogwood Center Box Office or at NCCA-Artsplace in downtown Fremont.

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