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    Emmy-winning actor, musician and Michigan native Jeff Daniels comes to the Dogwood Center with the Ben Daniels Band on Monday, November 6 at 7:30 p.m.!

    Jeff Daniels, known for such blockbusters as The Divergent Series: Allegiant/Ascendant, Steve Jobs, The Newsroom, and Dumb and Dumber, bought a Guild D-40 from Herb David’s Guitar Studio in Ann Arbor, threw it in the back of his old Buick, and moved to New York City. That guitar led to a creative outlet, became a solace, a road into the artist that he didn’t know existed. Now, over 40 years later, he just released his 8th record, Simple Truths and is touring the area with the Ben Daniels Band.

    On his album, Days Like These, Jeff Daniels and the Ben Daniels Band recorded songs that often were inspired by his career. For instance, the idea for the bluegrass-y Now You Know You Can comes from the filming of the pilot of  The Newsroom, the HBO drama for which he won an Emmy playing Will McAvoy, anchor of a cable newscast.

    When Ben Daniels decided he was going to be a musician, it was more than a career choice. A natural poet, this young songwriter went to school on Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, and Jack White, among others. His lyrics speak directly to a younger generation that hears, sees, and thinks about the very things he is writing. From their opening song to the finale of their set, the Ben Daniels Band cuts through with their originality, musicianship, and a sound that spans Americana, Blues, Jazz, and Rock.

    The son of actor Jeff Daniels he has quietly monitored what it takes to live life as an artist. Beyond a passed down talent, the Ben Daniels Band believes in hard work, perseverance, and creatively challenging themselves and their audience.

    With Tommy Reifel on bass, Wesley Fritezmeier on drums/mandolin, and Amanda Daniels on percussion/vocals, Ben Daniels Band’s live show never fails to take over the venue. With five CDs under their belts – Coming From The C, Checkin’ In To The Michigan Inn, Can’t You See, The Mountain Home EP, and their dual album & movie release Old Gold – the Ben Daniels Band has grown to be a formidable group that sounds pleasantly familiar, yet unforgettably unique.

    SOLD OUT. Main Stage. Reserved seating. 7:30 p.m.

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