• Imbued Images: Photography by Richard Hinton

    Through December 15

    The Lobby Gallery is open Tuesday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and during performances.


    The question I am most often asked when people unfamiliar with my work view it for the first time is, “What is this a painting, a drawing or is it photography?” Their reactions are interesting when I tell them that it is indeed photography. ┬áSometimes they feel like I am deceiving them. Sometimes the lines get blurred. Digital photography has changed the rules. At least one of the pieces you are looking at today is straight up photography. The rest are what I refer to as artistic renderings of my original photographs. Rather to represent “reality,” such as you find in journalism, I seek instead to imbue my images with certain characteristics. Characteristics that range from the esoteric notions of emotion and a sense of place, to the more tangibles such as color and texture. If I’ve done my job properly, you won’t wonder if it’s “real,” you’ll enjoy it as it stands.

    Enjoy the exhibit,


    Exhibits in the Dogwood Lobby Gallery are courtesy of the Newaygo County Council for the Arts - Artsplace.

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